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Robert and his wife Helen Trisko, are the developers and co-owners of Trisko Jewelry Sculptures, Ltd. Robert graduated from St Cloud State University with a degree in Art and Mathematics and obtained his Master’s degree in Jewelry and Sculpture. Helen also graduated from St. Cloud State University with a degree in Theater, Stage Design and Art. After years of working in other fields, Robert and Helen decided to start the company in 1974. Robert is the creative designer, while Helen oversees business operations. Robert’s work has been showcased at art fairs throughout the United States. The show circuit has remained a prominent market for selling these products and has generated a diverse clientele.

Geometry, asymmetry, color, and visual composition along with the use of 14 and 18K gold and precious gems are the key elements that shape the works of art available through Trisko Jewelry. Robert’s designs reflects an interplay between architectural elements like columns, arches, and windows which are placed in a strategic arrangement to create a sculpture-in-the-round. His intention is to produce jewelry that achieves a calculated design from all directions - a tactic not often seen with other jewelers.

Through a balance of both design and functionality, Robert began to explore ways he could capture the beautiful architecture of cityscapes, amusement parks and other complex man-made elements. To achieve this feat, he developed an additive sculpture of 3 to 4 rings coming together that gives the perception of a dynamic structure. He termed these pieces as “Stackable”. Trisko Jewelry Sculptures has truly carved out a niche in the field of jewelry design and even coined the phrase “Wearable Sculpture” which really exemplifies the work. The decades of commitment to this craft are a testament to the brilliance and intrigue the company has instilled within the art community and admirers.

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